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Our latest projects

We've been fortunate enough to participate in many different & challenging projects with organizations of different sizes and industries. Take a look at some of our best work yet.

"MD360 Infusions"

Mobile application for managing the clinical process of doing medical infusions on patients. The application guides the nurses & other medical staff through the infusion process. The app serves as a form of fool-proofing the process and calculates the needed dosage for the infusions.

"MIDAS Investments"

This finance app bridges the gap for people that reside in Mexico and want to invest in ETF funds from the US. Users are able to choose 1 of 3 possible financial portfolios (made up of ETF funds) and invest in them easily. Furthermore, users are able to always oversee how their investment is performing.

"Inhabit Education"

Users are able to view, buy and reproduce any book and audio-book from the catalog published by the client from the client's web admin panel (also designed and developed by us). Likewise, from the admin panel the client can view operative data such as how many users have downloaded a book, etc.

"Estrena tu Auto"

This platform helps an automobile group digitalize the process of buying and selling new and used cars. The webapp shows the catalog of over 30+ of their car dealerships and allows users to: buy the car completely online, program a test drive, get details of their financing deals, and many more features.

"Parkeo MX"

An AirBnb for parking spots. This platform creates a marketplace for parking spots for both public parking spaces and private ones. Through this app, people in need of a parking spot can find one and people with extra parking space can have a side business.

"Animalia Petcare"

This webapp allows people to buy pet insurance for their furry friends (right now only cats & dogs). There are three plans that offer a wide range of medical and legal expenses as well as other benefits like: baths & hair salon, concierge, vaccines, etc.

"HMF Dashboard"

Through this platform, medics and academics from all over the world which are part of the network of this cancer research foundation are able to register their patients' info, request for a bloodwork and download their processed data in the form of detailed reports.

"Klever21 Admin"

This platform serves as a CMS that helps university professors create, assign, share and review the results of surveys for their students. The surveys are then shared via a mobile app to the selected students and are given notifications for their surveys to be answered.

"HMF Charts"

This webapp provides a simple way for the medics that are part of HMF's network to understand the correlations between variables and cancer patients, such as age, gender, primary tumor location, and others.

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